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1) What would be your Patronus?

My patronus would totally be a shark.  Most likely a Great White.  Either that or one of the big cats.

2) What would you want your wand to look like/be made out of?

Dark mahogany, about 10 inches long with phoenix feather as the core

3) If you could be an animagus what animal would you be?

Most likely a cat.  A calico.

4) Would you join the D.A?

Probably.  I'm such a rebel.  Although, seeing as I'd probably be in Slytherin, I'm not so sure how well that would work out...

5) Who was the character you hated the most in the books?

Hermione. I was rooting for her to die so bad,  I was crestfallen when she lived.

6)Who were the characters you loved the most?

Um, Severus Snape!  Severus Snape and Sirius Black are my all time favorite characters in the series.  Oh and Hagrid.  I LOVE Hagrid.  And of course, my girl, Lily Evans

7)What character are you most like and how?

Eh....I'm a bit of a Snape-Harry-Ron-Hermione kind of person.  Clear as mud?

8)What house would you be in at Hogwarts?

I want to say Slytherin although I'm not sure I'm particularly evil enough to be in Slytherin, though many of my friends would disagree.  I'm very cunning and I can be ruthless.  But I would probably be in either Gryffindor (horror!) or Ravenclaw.

9) What was your favorite store in Hogsmeade or Diagaon alley?

In Diagon Alley, I love Ollivanders.  In Hogsmeade, Honeydukes!

10) If you could play Quidditch what position would you play?

If I was ever actually brave enough, I'd probably be Seeker.  I'm not coordinated enough to do anything else.

11) Would you honestly eat the kidney pie?

At least once!

12) Dark mark or D.A "Galleon"?

.....D.A. Galleon

13) What magic power or inheritance would you want the most?

I'd want to be able to apparate.  It would make my life so much easier!

14) What magical creature was your favorite (ex. centaurs,house elfs,etc)

I do love centaurs.  But I suppose I'm quite partial to Hippogriffs.

15) At the moment if you walked by the room of requirement what would it turn into?

A room where I could relax.  A fireplace, a bed, a couch, tons of books, and of course Severus Snape there with me.

16) What was your reaction to the Ron and Hermione "thing" in book 7?

About bloody time!  I was so happy that all the Harry/Hermione shippers were heartbroken and proved wrong.  Although, I still hate Hermione and would rather Ron be with me.  haha

17) What would you see in the mirror of Erised?

Honestly, I'm not sure.  I really don't know, which is the sad part.  

18) Are you Brave like Harry, Funny like Ron, or Intelligent like Hermione?

I can be overly dramatic like Harry, I am very intelligent like Hermione though not nearly as annoying, and as for Ronald, I have a great sense of humor!

19) Which of the Deathly Hallows would you choose (the cloak, the stone, or the wand)?

The invisibility cloak, hands down!  Who wants a wand that people will kill you to get?  And as for the stone, it is exceedingly tempting but the dead are better off staying dead.

20) Would you be a member of S.P.E.W.?

NO!  I treat them kindly and fairly but who am I to say that they shouldn't do what they are supposed to do?  Its what they're made for!

21) Out of the Marauders map, Sirius's dagger, and a Sneakoscope, what would you choose?

Marauder's Map, no doubt.

22) What pet would you take with you to Hogwarts (toad, cat, owl, etc)?

A cat, of course.  I have two cats already and I know I couldn't take them both.  But I am a cat person and so I would take a cat with me!

23) Who was your favorite teacher at Hogwarts?

As for teaching, Remus Lupin hands down.  Second would be McGonagall.  But Snape is still the best.

24) What subject would you like to teach at Hogwarts?

Hmmm...I fail at cooking so potions is out for me!  As a history major, I'm tempted to say History of Magic but we all know that Binns will be teaching that FOREVER.  So...I'm going to say either Charms or Defense Against the Dark Arts.

25) On a scale of 1-10 (ten being the worst) how depressed are you that the series is over?

8.  I miss it.  I miss it bad.  There is definitely something missing and that something is Harry Potter.

26) Which was the best movie so far?

The first one, hands down!  Three is the WORST!! All copies should be burned and never seen again.

27) Which character do you wish was real and you could befriend?

Severus Snape.  Sirius Black.  Fred Weasley.   Yep.

28) Would you enter your name in the Triwizard cup?

Um, no.  

29) Who do you want to marry or date?

Well seeing as Severus, Sirius, and Fred all died!  Any of those but out of the people who lived...I would say Ron.

30) What did you think about Harry and Ginny married?

Gross.  I hate Ginny Weasley with a fiery passion.  

31) Who did you wish had died?

Hermione and Ginny.

32) Who do you wish hadn't died?

Fred, Hedwig, Snape, SIRIUS, and Lupin.

33) What were the saddest parts about the last book?

Harry's walk to his death, Snape's death, The Prince's Tale, and Fred and Lupin's deaths.

34) Who were you mad at during the last book?

Tonks. How dare she go into battle and leave her infant alone.  Lupin had every reason to go into battle, as did Tonks, but she shouldn't have been so selfish.  She should have put the wellbeing of her child first.

Secondly, I was so mad at Lupin for wanting to go off galavanting when he found out Tonks was pregnant.  

And third!  Ronald Weasley!  GROW UP
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That start with 'R'

I got this from :iconlilyoftheflames:'s journal.

I list ten of my favorite things that start with the letter that she so graciously gave me.  If you'd like to do it, tell me and then I give you a letter!

Yay! Fun!

1. Roleplaying -- I love it.  It gives me a chance to flex my creative muscles and gives me an escape from the everyday world

2. Russia -- It is a fascinating country and I love the Romanov history

3. Reading -- I have been reading since I was a toddler.  I love it SO much and I can't get enough of it

4. Rubies-- My birthstone is the ruby and I think they are quite beautiful

5. Randomness -- most of my friends think I'm pretty random and I think it's quite fun to be random

6. Rickman, Alan -- Don't care or know if this is cheating but I LOVE him

7.  Rowling, J.K. -- LOVE LOVE LOVE her

8. Rome -- Love Roman history.  I'm a history major and this is just awesome

9.  RENT -- Awesome awesome awesome musical

10. Republicans --  Cause they're awesome.  And I don't care if you don't like them.
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50 Questions!!
Character(s): Elina Snape and  Serena Dumbledore

1. What is your character's name?
Elina Snape and Serena Dumbledore

2. What is your character's name in another language?
Er...Elina Snape and Serena Dumbledore..

3. How old is he/she?
Elina is 16 and Serena varies

4. What is your character's race/species?

5. Do they have a crush?
Oh indeed!  ;)

6. Do they have many friends?
Both of them are sort of lacking int he friend department.  They have a few close friends but other than that, they are kind of wary of people.  Well, in Serena's case, people are wary of her.

7. What planet is your character from?

8. Does your character like to eat?
Serena loves to eat but Elina sometimes forgets.  She has a lot on her mind!

9. What's his/her favorite food?
Serena loves any sort of sweets (except Bertie Botts.  That's about all she doesn't like)
Elina quite enjoys a good salad

10. What's his/her favorite drink?
Serena LOVES pumpkin juice or butterbeer.
Elina likes water but she LOVES hot tea

11. Is your character annoying?
Elina isn't, but Serena...well...yea...she can be

(It seems Q12 was no very important)

13. Is your character loved?
They are indeed!  At least by those close to them.

14. Is your character hated?
Mmmhmm.  Long story

15. Is she/he emo/goth?
No indeed!

16. Is she/he straight, bisexual, or gay?

17. Is she/he a virgin?
They are both virgins

18. Name 3 hobbies:
Elina: 1) singing 2)reading 3)anything potions
Serena 1)drawing 2) sleeping >.<  3) boy watching ;)

19. Is your character normal? normal as any other Hogwarts students

20. Is your character attractive?
They are

21. How does your character handle emotions?
Elina struggles to handle certain emotions, especially any new or strong emotions.

Serena rides the waves of her emotions and just goes with the flow!

22. Does your character have other forms?
Well, Serena is an animagus later in life.  Haven't quite decided about Elina yet!

23. Does your character overreact?
They can!

24. Is your character a criminal?

...25 ran away....
Well 25 was dumb anyway!

26. What's his/her IQ?
Both are very smart, though Serena has a bit of trouble...applying herself

27. Does your character have a disease/curse?

28. Is your character dead?

29. Does your character have a family?
Yes, though both come from complicated backgrounds

30. Has he/she encountered any tragic times in life?
Oh yes.  Being the daughter of a death eater isn't easy on Elina.  And Serena's mother was killed in front of her as a yes, quite tragic

31. What's the best time in your character's life?
The times at Hogwarts before things get too crazy with the war

32. If you could name 1 friend, which would you relate to your character?
Hmm..none of my friends are like my characters...

33. Is your character single?
Elina isn't and Serena is at the moment but she won't be soon.

34. Has he/she developed any relationships?
Elina has one good friend and a boyfriend.  As for Serena, she has a few good friends and those that she are friends with she is very close to.

35. Does he/she have an element?

36. Do you roleplay your character?
I do indeed and I love roleplaying them!

37. Do you write about your character?
I have but I haven't had much time lately to write anything.

38. Does your character have a bad temper at times?
Oh yes.  It can be...scary

39. Does your character get depressed?
Serena does sometimes and Elina does though she keeps it quite secret.

40. What's your characters favorite animal?
Elina likes cats and Serena loves animals in general.

41. Does your character have any fears?
Elina is TERRIFIED of flying
Serena is afraid of being alone.

42. Does your character have any weaknesses?
Elina is a bit of a worrywart with a temper that should not be tested.  She is also quite shy and lacks confidence in herself.

Serena is quite headstrong and she acts before thinking which gets her in trouble.

43. Does your character look up to anyone?
Elina looks up to her father.

Serena looks up to McGonagall and Dumbledore.

44. Does your character like music?
Oh yes, they both love music!

45. What's your character's favorite type of music?
Elina likes things you can sing to and Serena loves music you can dance to!

46. Is he/she impatient?
Serena is quite impatient but Elina has a lot of patience...when it comes to certain things.

47. What's something funny about your character?
Elina is completely naive and it makes her look a bit childish sometimes.

Serena is quite hyper and it gets to be quite comical.

48. Name 5 nicknames
They don't really have any nicknames.. :(

49. Does your character curse?
Elina only does when she is very very very very very angry.

Serena can sometimes swear like a sailor... >.<

50. This test is over, what does your character have to say?
Elina: This was interesting, though I fail to see the point.
Serena: You know, I liked the other one better!
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So this will be fun.  The characters I'll use are:

Elina Snape
Nailah Black
Serena Dumbledore

1) How Old Are You?
Elina: I am 16 years old but my birthday is in August so I'm almost 17!
Nailah: I'm 16, though I hardly see why you need to ask.
Serena: Right now I'm thirteen!

Elina: I'm about 5'2". I know, I'm so short!
Nailah:  5'6" And again, why do you need to know?
Serena: 5'4 1/2"

3)You Got Any Bad Habits??
Elina: Perhaps I'm a bit too shy?
Nailah: Of course not.
Serena: When I get nervous or excited I tend to talk a lot. It's hard to get me to stop once I'm on a roll.

4)You a virgin?
Elina: -blushes-  Do we have to answer this question?
Nailah: I fail to see how that is any of your business.
Serena: Well duh! I'm only 13!

5)Who's your Mate/Spouse?
Elina:  Harry.
Nailah: No one in particular.
Serena:  Not sure! I'm only 13!

6)Have Any Kids?
Elina: No!  I'm only 16 after all!
Nailah:  Children are disgusting creatures that should be wiped off this planet.
Serena: No, but I really love babies! They are soooo super cute!

7)Favourite Food?
Elina: I love Italian food.
Nailah: If you insist on knowing, I prefer fine, French cuisine.
Serena: I love cake! All kinds of cake, except not spice cake cause that's gross.  But I really love German chocolate cake! The icing is the best!

8)Favourite Ice Cream flavour?
Elina: I love Vanilla ice cream.
Nailah: I don't eat ice cream.  It's far too fattening.
Serena: Anything but mint!

9)Killed anyone?
Elina: Well no!
Nailah: Perhaps. -smirk-
Serena: That would be awful!!!!!

10)Hate anyone?
Elina: Malfoy!
Nailah: Scarhead and the Golden Trio.  Oh and mudbloods. Filthy.
Serena: Not really.  Hating someone is too much work.

11)Any Secrets?
Elina: If it is a secret, I can't tell!
Nailah: Telling a secret defeats the purpose of having a secret. Moron.
Serena: I like to sneak into the Prefect's bathroom and swim in the tub!

12)Love Anyone?
Elina: Harry, Noelle, and my father
Nailah: That's quite a personal question.
Serena: Um, my grandpa!

Elina: ...are good?
Nailah: Was that really necessary? This is such a waste of my time.
Serena: WHERE!?

14)Ever slept in All day?
Elina: Only when I'm sick...
Nailah: That is a waste of time.
Serena: It's fun during the summer! But not all the time!

15)Favourite Show?
Elina: Um..we don't have a television.
Nailah: I don't know anything about muggle things.
Serena: I like cartoons! Muggles come up with the best stuff!

16)Favourite Movie?
Elina: Um...I've never really watched a movie..
Nailah: Why are you asking about all of this muggle nonsense!?
Serena: Ooooh! I really loveThe Lion King!

17)Favourite Band?
Elina: It isn't a band, but I really like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.
Nailah: The Weird Sisters.
Serena: Harry and the Potters! HAHAHAHAHA

18)Eye Colours?
Elina: Grey.
Nailah: Grey
Serena: Bright blue!

Elina: I'm a bit pale.  My dad is pale and I spend a lot of time inside..
Nailah: Elegantly pale, naturally.
Serena: I'm just right.  I'm not too tanned but I'm not the color of milk either!

Elina:  I'm slim.
Nailah: Well of course I'm slim!
Serena: Um, I'm a bit small for my age I guess..

21)Rain, sunshine?
Elina: Well both have their positives.
Nailah:  It doesn't matter to me, I don't like going outside.
Serena: Sunshine!  Rain makes quidditch a bit more difficult!

22)Pool, Beach?
Elina: I've never been to the beach but I would love to go!
Nailah:  Pool.
Serena: BOTH!

23)Camping, staying home?
Elina: I've never been camping either.  Not sure I'd like it though. I'm not very outdoorsy..
Nailah: Staying home! Camping is for peasants!
Serena: Camping is so much fun!

24)Dog, Cat?
Elina: Cat.  I have a kitten named Toby.
Nailah: Cat, of course.
Serena: I love them both!

25)Believe in aliens?
Nailah: Muggle nonsense.
Serena: That would be so cool!

26)Natural Born, or Clone?
Elina: I guess I really don't understand the point of this question...
Nailah: This is nonsense!
Serena: o.O .......

27)Car or Ship?
Elina: Ship
Nailah: Neither.
Serena: A car.  A flashy, fast car!

28)Ever destroyed something out of Blind Rage?
Elina: wasn't very pretty..
Nailah:  Always fun to do.
Serena: Uhm...not really

29)Any Unusual Things about you?
Elina: I suppose I'm not very unusual.  Although, being in Slytherin when I have none of their values is a bit unusual.  Well..I am quite cunning so..
Nailah: Of course not.
Serena: I can get my foot behind my head!

30)How much food/drink do you need a day?
Elina: Not much.  I usually skip breakfast.
Nailah: Not much.  I have a figure to maintain.
Serena:  Three meals with loads of snacks!  What?  I have a high metabolism!

31)Favourite Place?
Elina: I love the Hogwarts library.  And Grimmauld Place.  And of course, my dad's potions lab.
Nailah: Wherever I don't have to answer these ridiculous questions.
Serena: On my broom, playing Quidditch!
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